Making Life Little

So here is my first blog, I have no idea how to start a first blog, because like i mentioned in my profiles “about me” I’m completely new to this, so I’m starting here.

I grew up in a bigger city, Seattle Washington to be exact. In a little area called Ballard. I witnessed all the brutal changes…(sad face) the tearing down, and the putting up of the gigantic expensive condo’s. They were putting them ALL OVER what was once small and cute little Ballard, and turning it into a little mini down town type of place! I liked the old Ballard….  I have no grudge against condo’s what so ever! if i had money i would love to live in one!  But instead my life took a different turn in a direction that i never saw coming. Anyways like i said, i grew up in Ballard, a five bedroom house, then as i got older from one apt to the next, like most young adults experience. Before i lived where i am currently staying, I was in a two bedroom two bathroom house, it wasnt the greatest and had its many down falls but I loved the space!! I was working in ministry at the time, as a youth pastor and children’s pastor. I had a pretty good job outside of ministry which i loved, life at that point and time was busy, but pretty damn easy going at the same time.

I would also like to throw in at this point my luck with vehicles….hahaha! just the thought of it makes me giggle a little bit. Lets just say I have gone through my fair share of vehicles in the past few years, my very first car was a Toyota Corolla, i ended up not really driving it because it was a stick shift, im not much of a stick shift kind of driver, I have never gotten the hang of it, and I don’t like it all that much, im already trying to concentrate on one to many things as it is! You know… eating, mascara, partially getting dressed, texting ppl that im 10 minutes away when im really 40 minutes, THE BASICS!!! i cant add the clutch and the stick to the mix! (totally kidding about all that, but i am a very distracted type of person) then i had a Mercury Monarch, Ok now….ME!!!…im 5 feet tall and 130 lbs…..let that sink in for a second if you know your cars…lol …..IT WAS A BOAT!! I have to say that i loved that car with all my heart! I felt like a pimp daddy type of lady any time i drove that thing! haha I got tons of compliments and stares, when really to me i didn’t really like the way it looked, but i loved driving it!  10678805_318643104995158_9218879374699685212_n

Then I had a few more after that bad boy. Needless to say i have had my share of cars, but my last car I had for about five minutes!!! Was a 95 Volks Wagon convertible Cabrio!! older car yes, that’s kind of what im into if you couldn’t tell by the last car i wrote about above, I loved my Cabrio! It was green, super clean!! small! I fit so perfectly in that little guy! Well…as i was proudly driving home from work one day, music blaring, tired but happy from a long 10 hour day working with plane parts and dealing with Boeing’s shinanigans…traffic was kinda congested as the usual almost five o clock, so it was nothing that i wasnt used to. I was in the far right lane, beside me was just a drop down into a gully or just a pit of nothingness…the other side of me were other impatient drivers. Anyways my music is blaring, I was coming to a slow stop, everyone was slowing down around me as well…MINUS THE SEMI TRUCK BEHIND ME!!! I look into my rear view mirror and see the truck is hauling ass, then i look ahead of me purposely not wanting to look in the rear view mirror anymore, afraid of what was about to take place….I tense my whole body and hold on to the steering wheel for dear life as if it were going to protect me in some way?? Then, BLAM!! my head flies back! and my shoulder felt instantly bruised from the belt that was (thank God) protecting me from flying out of the car!  I was rear ended in my new cute little tiny Cabrio my a mother effing Semi truck!! That was the end of that cars life It was the only convertable car ive ever had! I sadly never even drove her with the top down!

Well from then on, months have gone by, I receive a settlement check from that accident…and you wont believe what some of that money went to, cause i am still trying to wrap my mind around what was purchased, and how my life is completely different from just a year ago!

27′ Springdale Trailer!! In a small town surrounded by mountains! Yep!! that’s right! I am currently living in a re modeled 27′ trailer! in a small town on the country side! If you have not seen a show called “living Tiny” I was inspired by that show. When i bought the trailer i was thrilled! Looking at one crappy trailer after the next, with all the leaking issues, or finding mold, or having it just look straight up crappy, i finally found this one that i have now, and i bought it for a fair deal! After i looked through it, It was like the guy had used it maybe once or twice! I bought it spot on after a pretty good walk through inspection. It was parked at my house for what seemed to be forever, while i was packing up my house and cleaning it, getting prepped to be moved out. But then, i guess the “pretty” good walk through of the Trailer wasnt good enough….My husband opened a cabinet door inside the bedroom and found a “soft spot” those are not good words in the trailer world…especially if we are to live in it! So things were torn down, walls were ripped open, the soft spot was larger than what we thought. Discouragement was taking place, Doubt was setting in, I was wondering if this whole living tiny idea was a good idea?? or absolutely crazy?!!? so we had the trailer for a couple of months in order to fix was soft, paint, and make it feel more like a home. Thank you Pinterest for your outstanding ideas!! We changed a whole lot of the trailer, tore out a lot of weight, bunk beds, a hide a bed couch, and two bench seats that went to a 5′ square dinner table!! I have to say i love it! it’s so cute!! December 5th was the official moving date…we drove a few hours North onto the property that we now live on. It was a little bit tough at first i’ll have to admit, actually living in it. I kind of fell into a depression. AND IM CLAUSTROPHOBIC! It was me, my 6’4 200 something pound husband, and my two children…Tiger and Coco (their Doxies hehe) 12106809_446052845587516_8369892705646069543_n

I wondered, where am i sposed to go if we are fighting?? How much more stuff to i have to get rid of to feel like i don’t own too much for my down sizing of life?? are things going to fall all over the place when we have sex?? lol (i apologize if that was TMI) Well, its been about half a year now, I absolutely love living in my trailer! i wouldn’t want to ever go back to paying rent again! I own what i live in! I love it so much! Yes, it is difficult at times but its nothing i cant adjust to! I am finally adjusted to my COMPOST TOILET! That is going to be another small blog post in itself haha. my 27′ trailer on 5 acres. I’m kinda wanting to go for the somewhat hippie life style…growing food, collecting the rain water, and other things. With the direction this world is going i want to be self sufficient, live off of the land. Feel some what safe when and if the dollar collapses or some type of crazy event. So yeah!! there is my first blog post for you!! here’s some photos of my tiny home!!  

These table photos we removed a 5′ square table with two bench seats on each side, this is a table that can fold down when needed.                      



These bottom three photos are of the toilet before and after becoming a compost toilet.


Created a shoe shelf directly below the ceiling to keep my shoes away from my dogs!


Screwed up some corner shelves around the trailer for Misc. items


In this area where the home made vanity is, there were bunkbeds that opened into a storage unit on the bottom bunk, which is now my “closet” make-up area where i get all dolled up and dressed now




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