From A 10, To A….

I’ve proclaimed for many years that I’m no artist, to the point of dissing myself for not being able to make a perfect circle, my stick figures are lame, i don’t know what color you will get if you mix two colors together, and i don’t know famous artist of really anything!!

As of now! I proclaim that I AM in fact an artist:) I have always had such a fascination with all different varieties of art!





ESPECIALLY MAKE UP!! That’s what this blog is going to be about


I remember growing up, watching my older sisters spend so much time getting everything just right, the winged liner perfectly even, making their lips perfectly lined and colored! tweezing their eyebrows to little slivers! (that’s what was in at the time,lol) I’m not sure why I had fallen in love with make up at a young age, because I was basically a little boy! i was such a tom boy back then haha! I didn’t ever wear make up, do my hair, or have anything that would belong to a girl in my closet.

But I grew up. . . entered middle school, looked around, eyeliner and thin brows were everywhere!!! except for my naked lids and bushmen eyebrows, something had to be done. So I went home one day after school with a mission. There i was, hanging out in my older sisters room, in front of her mirror and mountain of girly products. There were eyeliner shavings everywhere, half empty bottles of perfume, hair sprays and mousse, eye shadows and lipsticks. But i was only looking for one thing. I rummaged through all her girly crap and finally found the one thing i was desperate for. Once i found it, it was like finding gold! Her tweezers! I picked them up squeezed them together a few times, held them up to my eyebrows hesitantly, looked back at my sister on her bed talking away on the phone, hoping she wouldn’t pay any attention to what i was about to do to myself.

“OK THIS SUCKS! WHY WOULD ANYONE PUT THEMSELVES THROUGH THIS MUCH PAIN?!” I thought to myself as I pulled a couple hairs from the bottom part of my eyebrow. My eyes welled up with tears, MY NOSE EVEN RAN! Its crazy I remember this experience like it was yesterday! It took me quite some time to pluck just one eyebrow, so an extremely long time to get done with both. Once i was finally done plucking away, i took a step back and took a look at what i thought was going to be perfection…..oh boy, perfection was definitely the wrong word. One brow looked like someone had accidentally nicked me with a black marker, but better than my other brow! The other brow i had plucked too much from the bottom which made it look higher than the other brow, AND the eyebrow itself was about an inch wide, but both brows were stained red from the places i plucked. It was terrible!! But a sixth grader with a pair of tweezers, un-supervised…what could anyone expect?? I remember lying to anyone who would dare ask about what happened to my face, or asked why i looked so different. “My sister plucked my eyebrows!” i’d groan… Back then there were no such thought as to “filling in your brows” at least not in my world. Not like it is today. Having a good brow game is all anyone desires to have these days. I definitely strive to have a good brow game!!

Anyways! I’m much older now, and I know a thing or two about make up, eyebrows and the power of what make-up can do. I love everything about it! except the one thing that comes with almost every girl who loves make up as much as me…And that is being told that we don’t need make up! or being told that we look so much better with out it! Yes, there are in fact certain females who wear make up due to insecurities. But speaking for myself, I don’t wear make up just to look in the mirror and feel a thousand times better about myself. It doesn’t magically make me feel like Americas Next Top Model, or in hopes that every guy will break his neck noticing my highlight. I enjoy the process of make up, the different steps of putting it all on. I love how you can bring out the features of yourself that are already so gorgeous! I’m a little too obsessed with all the different tools I’ll admit. The make up companies are constantly coming out with new tools and products, I love buying and seeing what all the fuss is about, experimenting with the newest and latest, comparing with something that is cheaper and not so hussy fussy. Such as a $40 beauty blender…compaired to an $8 beauty sponge…Looks the same, but Honey let me tell you!!! As long as you take care of your $40 purchase keeping it clean and stored properly, its worth it to invest in the beauty blender. There are tons more examples i could explain and will in later blogs if you all want to hear about it. But needless to say, I do enjoy playing with the newest products, but also continueing to buy the older products that i swear by and will always be a die-hard fan of.

When people tell me I shouldnt buy make up anymore because i don’t need it, it creates this hell fire kind of rage inside my gut! But then i quickly get over it and tell myself this person doesn’t understand my thought process so no point in hell fire raging. I’m at a place now in life where people want to put money in my hands to paint their face! for wedding days, prom, photo shoots, especially Halloween! Thats pretty freaking cool!! I’ve not attended beauty school or anything! For a while i felt some what embarrassed about it. While doing a clients make up for whatever occasion, I almost always get asked what school i attended. But a way i feel pretty amazing knowing that i am mostly self-taught through practice, YouTube, and having older sisters. I have absolutely nothing against going to beauty school, I am currently thinking and planning on going soon as a matter of fact. But as of now, people enjoy what i do, and trust my abilities enough to pay me to paint their face. I only hope to grow in experience as well as talent.

As much as I rant and rave on how much i love putting it all on and masking my natural face into what ever look i want to achieve for the day, I have to say that my favorite part of the day is taking it all off!

Going from a 10 to a…..still a 10



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